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MASTER – Arnis Preiss, E-mail: preiss@zuguart.com, podkopiba@gmail.com
Tel: +371 2978 3447     Post address: "Zelmeni" Skultes p. Libazu raj. Latvia LV – 4025

BIG FRIEND OF MASTER: Vladimir Shukhov, E-mail: shukhov@zuguart.com
Tel: +7 903 797 7916     Post address: 119435 Russia, Moscow, B. Pirogovskaya st. 53/55 - 101

Country style quest house, 2km from the studio. Tel.+37126552626 Nina. www.evelbenki.lv
Guest houses on the coast of the sea, 6km from the studio.      www.laucakmens.lv, www.vidlauci.lv

ZUGU. Magical ceramics of happiness and success
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